Freed to Serve Ministry’s primary objective with Transformational Housing is to provide a safe supportive environment utilizing Biblical principles for the renewing of men’s minds and rebuilding of their lives as they find their true identity in Christ. We believe it is possible to Regenerate an individual’s life through Godly instruction in Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility (AIR, we all need to breath it).  But first they must truly desire for God to change their heart.
We believe that in these last days we have a biblical mandate to go to the “highways and hedges” and compel people to come to Christ.  Prisons and Jails are our primary place of finding those God is working on and preparing.  Our discipling and training begins before they are released and continues in Freedom House in a loving environment where the main focus is seeing the men grow and mature in their walk with Christ.  We also equip them to live out that walk with training, mentoring, and equipping them to make it on their own.  Our goal is to see men go far beyond just not returning to Jail, but to see them find their identity and purpose in Jesus Christ and become so rooted and grounded in Him that they not only survive when they leave but make a lasting impact on the world for all eternity and God’s glory.

Praise the Lord for the 1st service in Easterling Correctional Facility!!!!!!

We have had three people enter the program and are currently praying for a residential director. 

We have a lot of work to do in the building so that we can accomodate more people.

We are also praying for land for future development as well.
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